Lent Term Week 1

Dear Clare MCR,

Well, it’s Week 1 so welcome back!  I thought I would update you on what we have in store this term. As well as the usual plethora of formals, bops and Clareity events that you would expect at Clare (more…)


Open MCR Meeting 12/12/14

Hey Clare MCR!

On Friday 12th December we shall be holding an Open MCR Meeting in the Latimer Room at 18:45hrs.

We shall be discussing the future of the MCR. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

See you there!

Edward Oughton
MCR President 2014-15


Week 7 Blues? Certainly Not!

Dear Clare MCR,

So it might have got a bit darker. It might have got *a lot* colder. But we’re definitely on the straight and narrow to end this term on a high. And given that we’ve now moved into Week 7 the MCR Committee really, really wants to remind you that we are here for YOU!


Clare MCR Membership

Dear Clare MCR,

Recently we’ve had several questions about who can be a member of the MCR and what this entails. To (hopefully) clarify the situation we’ve created a document that sets out the different types of membership and who is eligible. The vast majority of you are automatically full members of the MCR and so do not need to worry about the details but this document should be useful for 4th year undergraduates and others who are interested in associate membership of the MCR.

Do contact me (cet44) if you have any other questions.


MCR Secretary

Cambridge Gowns

Dear Freshers’,

As some of you will have seen in the Fresher’s Guide, Cambridge Gowns are an archaic Cambridge tradition. Until half way through the twentieth century, students had to wear them whenever they left their college room, attended lectures, sat exams, and generally did anything other than shower. Now, gowns are generally only used formal occasions: Matriculation, Formal Halls (recommended at Clare), Graduation, and when voting for a new University Chancellor. You are required to have a gown only twice in your degree – once when you Matriculate and once when you Graduate.

Some people choose not to buy one, and instead choose to borrow or hire one for special occasions. If you do buy one then you can also wear it to formal dinners and some other one-off events. Gowns cost about £100 new, or around £50 second hand. Whether or not you buy one is up to you. A Gown Marketplace has been created to facilitate the exchange of second hand gowns.


Freshers’ Schedule

Good morning to ya Clare MCR,

I’m thrilled to be able to reveal this year’s Freshers’ Week schedule. It’s been a labour of love for the committee and we hope you’ll find a good mixture of fun and useful events packed in there, to welcome you into our post-grad community.

The complete Freshers’ Guide is available here, on the MCR website .
And the contact details of the committee are here.

See you soon!
Georgie (VP)

Freshers’ Guide 2014-15

Dear Freshers’,

Welcome to Clare! Currently we are busily planning an awesome Freshers’ Week for you all to enjoy upon your arrival here in Cambridge. In the meantime, please take a detailed look at the Freshers’ Guide that the MCR Committee has put together. It should answer pretty much all of your questions – from getting to Clare, through to understanding commonly used British slang!

We are all very much looking forward to welcoming you into our close and friendly community of postgrads.

Best wishes,

Ed Oughton

President of Clare College Graduate Society 2014-15


Changes to Punt and Formal Dinner Booking

Dear Clare MCR,

A new Login method is being trialled for booking Punts and Formal Dinners.
This requires logging in to the MCR website using raven.
After Logging in, the normal links at the top of the page should work as per usual. However, if you are unable to access the booking forms with the normal links, you can use the following links:

Any Feedback on improvements to the website would be much appreciated. A feedback form can be found on the contact page.

Best Wishes,

Richard Gunning
MCR Computing Officer 2014-15