Treasurer Manifesto – Becky Fell

I am back at Clare doing a PhD in Hispanic literature (I did my undergrad and MPhil here  way back when in the mists of time) after a career as a Chartered Accountant with...

MCR Treasurer By-Election

Dear Clare MCR, It is with great regret that I have to inform you that the MCR Treasurer has had to step down. As such, there is now a Clare MCR committee position up for grabs....

Apply for Clare MCR membership

Dear Clare MCR, As you have hopefully discovered this week, the MCR is the social hub of Clare College. I hope you are all looking forward to celebrating the new academic year! As the...

Anne Henow Committee Photo

Welcome to a new academic year at Clare

Dear Clare, I am Anne, the MCR president for this year. By now, most of you have arrived in Cambridge and have started to get to know the College. You probably are full of...

[Notice] Clare MCR Sports

Dear Clare MCR sports lovers, We have a few items to announce that you will be interested in. Firstly, we are pleased to announce 7-aside football at Clare sports ground. Stick your name down on...

Cambridge Gowns

Dear Freshers’,

As some of you will have seen in the Fresher’s Guide, Cambridge Gowns are an archaic Cambridge tradition. Until half way through the twentieth century, students had to wear them whenever they left their college room, attended lectures, sat exams, and generally did anything other than shower. Now, gowns are generally only used formal occasions: Matriculation, Formal Halls (recommended at Clare), Graduation, and when voting for a new University Chancellor. You are required to have a gown only twice in your degree – once when you Matriculate and once when you Graduate.

Some people choose not to buy one, and instead choose to borrow or hire one for special occasions. If you do buy one then you can also wear it to formal dinners and some other one-off events. Gowns cost about £100 new, or around £50 second hand. Whether or not you buy one is up to you. A Gown Marketplace has been created to facilitate the exchange of second hand gowns.


Freshers’ Schedule

Hey Freshers!

My name is Jiho, I’m the Clare College MCR Vice President. You should have received an email around a week ago from Anne, delivering the Freshers’ Guide. If not, it can be found here:

In addition to this, please find attached the Freshers’ Week timetable for 2015. The shown schedule consists mainly of the Freshers’ events organised by Clare MCR Committee, but also includes events organised by other bodies within the university that we believe will be beneficial to you. If there is any question; please let me know, or any of the committee members.

Meanwhile, get excited!


Welcome to Cambridge events

A full list of events and details of how to book are available at: What are Welcome to Cambridge events? Welcome to Cambridge events take place around the world and allow incoming undergraduates, mature...

Thank You Clare

Dear Clare, Thank you everyone who joined the Garden party yesterday. I had a wonderful time and I hope you did too! A special thanks goes out to the MCR committee and in particular...