MCR Bar and Event Policy

Use of MCR for events and out of hours Bar use

  1. Use of the MCR for Events
  2. MCR Funded Events
  3. Out of Hours Bar Use
  4. Requesting use of MCR space or funds
  5. Notification of MCR Use and Bar Use
  6. Penalties for failure to comply

1.0 Use of the MCR for Events
Any MCR member may use the MCR to hold events or gatherings at any time provided:

  • The event does not exclude other MCR members from reasonable use of the Middle Combination Room.
  • An event/gathering request is submitted through the online form (see 4.0).

In addition, if an event would interfere with usage of the MCR by other members or prohibit other concurrent events from using the MCR space, then the whole MCR community should be notified in advance (see 5.0).

2.0 MCR Funded Events
Any MCR Member may request funds for the organisation of an event for the MCR community. All requests for funding should be submitted through the online form (see 4.0).

Requirements for MCR funded events are:

  • The event must be open to participation by all members of the MCR.
  • Funding will usually be provided in the form of reimbursement. Receipts must be submitted to the MCR Treasurer within 14 days of the event.
  • Whilst there is no cap on the maximum funding provided, funding is more likely to be approved if less than £10 per person.
3.0 Out of Hours Bar Use
Any MCR member may request usage of the MCR Bar outside usual opening hours for any time period excluding 11:30pm to 9am. Usual opening hours for the term will be displayed on the MCR website. Requests for out of bar use must be made through the online form (see 4.0) and will be subject to the discretion of the MCR Bar managers and/or MCR committee.

  • Conditions of Out of Hours Bar Use
    If the Bar is approved to be opened out of hours, then the student must abide by the following:

    1. The person making the request must state the number of guests expected;
    2. The person making the request must either:
      1. provide payment for a suitable number of bar staff to be present at a rate of £20 per worker, with approximately one bar worker for every 20 guests and a minimum of two staff (opening in this manner is subject to staff availability and cannot be guaranteed).
      2. arrange independently for a suitable number (as above) of approved bar workers to be present. The names of the staff who will be present must be agreed with the Bar Managers at least 48 hours in advance of the event.
    3. No music is to be played in the MCR during Easter term or after 11:30pm without prior approval of the Bar Managers.
    4. The person making the request must agree that public notification will be given stating the Bar will be open, and agree to serve all MCR members and their guests who wish to be served.
4.0 Requesting use of MCR space or funds
Any MCR Member wishing to host an event in the MCR or fund an event through MCR funds as laid out above must make a request through the Clare College MCR Website at least 48 hours before the event is scheduled to begin. The request form must include each of the following:

  1. The name, email address and telephone number of a contact for the event;
  2. A brief description of the event, including the date, time, expected number of guests, amount of funds requested and facilities required;
  3. Whether the Bar is requested to be opened out of hours for the event;
  4. An event name to be published on the MCR website.

The MCR Executive Committee will respond to an event request submission in as a timely a manner as possible, and permission to use the MCR for an event will not be unreasonably withheld. The decision to approve the event must be given by at least one MCR Executive Committee member with no other MCR Executive Committee members objecting to the event. If opposed by any Executive Committee member, the request will be voted on electronically by the whole MCR Committee.

5.0 Notification of MCR Use and Bar Use
Any member wishing the use the MCR for an event, host an MCR event with funding or wishing to open the Bar out of hours agrees that a brief description of the event will be published on the calendar on the MCR website and that they will not remove MCR members from the MCR or prevent MCR members from entering the space.

If the bar is open out of hours, as defined by the hours on the MCR website, the MCR committee must notify the MCR through the MCR website and by at least one form of social media actively used by the MCR community.

Any member wishing to use the MCR for an event also agrees that details of the event may be shared with college staff in accordance with the college’s PREVENT policy at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

6.0 Penalties for failure to comply
Any MCR Member who fails to comply with these standards may be prevented from holding future events in the MCR at the discretion of the Executive Committee.