Committee 1994-1995

Committee Achievements/Experiences:

  • Acquired some computers (boring but useful)
  • Bought the MCR’s first dedicated beer fridge (useful and much more interesting)
  • Got some money spent on St Regis
  • Went on an exchange trip to Keble college, played a cricket match and brought home, as per tradition, a piece of Keble (I’m not sure where it went).
  • Controversially, went through the process of removing “4th year linguists” from the MCR who had been admitted to the MCR because they were the only ones with a 4 year course (and thus all their friends in their 4th year had moved on). However other courses were moving to 4 years, so we felt that too many undergrads with access to the MCR wouldn’t really have been the right thing…. Various people didn’t like that.

All in all, a lot of fun.

Committee Role Name
MCR President Giles Nelson
Vice President
Social Secretaries
Bar Managers
Accommodation Officer
Admiral of the Punts
Clareity President
Computing Officer
Exchange Officer
Fourth Year Officer
Green Officer
Mature Students Officer
Sports Officer
St Regis Officer
Welfare (Female)
Welfare (Male)
Welfare (LGBT)