Funds request form

  • This is a form for requesting MCR funds to put on an event.
  • The complete form will be sent to the President, Vice President, Secretary, Social Secretaries, Bar Managers, and Treasurer, and you will normally get a reply from the Vice President in 24 hours.
  • The event should be for the MCR community, and must be available to all MCR members.
  • The decision to fund the event will require that no executive committee member objects and at least two executive committee members’ approvals for the event (most likely to be President and VP!). If opposed, the request will be taken before the MCR committee for approval at the next committee meeting. The decision will depend on various things such as inclusivity of the event, current account balance, other events that might clash, and other practicalities, but of course it’s difficult to say in general terms. We generally want things to work out, so if in doubt, please ask! mcr-vicepresident
  • Past requests and decisions are available here:
  • If we decide to provide some funds, we would most likely ask you to arrange for the payment, then keep the receipt for reimbursements, subject to a maximum amount.
  • We normally would not provide funds for alcohol!
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