Freshers’ 101

This is a short guide with key information about starting your graduate life at Clare College, Cambridge. This guide aims to give you the information you need to know as soon as possible. A Freshers’ Guide is available here. If any further information is required, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Clare MCR Committee. Contact details can be found in the About Us Committee 2017/18 page


  1. Key Dates
  2. College Bill

Key Dates

The significant dates to be aware of and add to your calendar are the full-term dates.

Term Start Date End Date
Michaelmas Tues 8 Oct Fri 6 Dec
Lent Tue 14 Jan Fri 13 Mar
Easter Tue 21 April Fri 12 Jun

If your supervisor requires you to present yourself before the beginning of full-term you should be contacted by your respective department/faculty with the details before the start of term. If you need to book flights, I would suggest contacting your department as soon as possible to check when you need to present yourself.

Any students seeking more information should contact the International Office at Cambridge University. This link might also be useful:

College Bill

College Bills are issued at the beginning of each Term (and at the end of June) by the Bursary and is payable that month. Each Bill includes a list of the other residential charges for that Term. All students have to pay their Tuition Fee – or that portion of it for which they are liable – via the College, in termly instalments due at the beginning of Term. The Bills at the start of the Lent and Easter Terms include the additional charges – such as the bill for food consumed in the Buttery and Hall for the previous Term. The final Bill, with these additional charges for the Easter Term, will be emailed to your home address early in the Summer vacation, except final-year students will be required to make a pre-payment for the estimated amount, since you cannot graduate if you still owe money to the College or to the University. The deadlines for payment are printed on each Bill.

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