Committee 2021-2022

The MCR Committee consists of students from a variety of courses, years and subjects.
The role of the committee is twofold; one is organising social events and the other is addressing issues that affect
graduate life at Clare College.

Members of the MCR Committee also sit on all the college level committee meetings, so as
to best represent the graduate community at Clare College. MCR Committee members can be contacted by means of their
Hermes e-mail accounts (CRSid +, e.g., as well as the e-mail addresses stipulated

Committee Role Name Email
MCR President Sammie Mason mcr-president
Vice President Aliya Ali mcr-vicepresident
Secretary Jas Bath mcr-secretary
Treasurer Pat Taylor mcr-treasurer
Social Secretaries
Sam Hodder
Ross McGinn
Bar Managers
Tom Else
JoJo Benn
Welfare (Female) Alyssa Crabb mcr-welfare
Welfare (LGBT) Ellie Dunstone mcr-welfare
Welfare (Male) Sean Jordan mcr-welfare
Green Officer David Ewing mcr-green
Library Officer Leland Stange mcr-library
Sports Officer Pieter-Jan Sterenborg mcr-gym
Exchange Officer Ekim Luo mcr-exchanges
Quartermaster Joseph Uhlar mcr-quartermaster
Mature Students Officer Glynn Maynard mcr-maturestudents
Clareity President Emma Gleave clareity
Admiral of the Punts Connor Cheverall mcr-admiral
First Year Officers
Anis Barmada
Holland Freeman